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Mapping and Navigation software you can use with your GPS & PC

Baja & Mexico E32 Topo Map

The most detailed map of Baja, Copper Canyon, and mainland Mex.(uploadable to Garmin GPS). This map is available to PC and MAC users!! 
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Baja Navigator Map for Garmin GPS's

A Baja map that can be loaded straight to your GPS! Used with Garmin GPS's only, this basic Baja map is easy to use and totally affordable. 
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Fugawi Global Navigator Software

An extremely powerful GPS software for managing, editing, and manipulating your routes & ours. Upload & download our guidebook CD routes from Fugawi to your GPS with a click of a finger (simple & accurate)! 
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Fugawi Map of America

This is a stunning detailed topo ATLAS of the continental USA ready to use with Fugawi Software! 
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Fugawi Routes CD V1

Rather than hand punching hundreds of waypoints and constucting the routes yourself, purchase this Fugawi Software CD with all the V1 routes ready to upload with a click of a finger! 
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Fugawi Routes CD V2

Upload Vol. 2 to your GPS with a click of a finger & save tedious time insuring an accurate ride! 
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National Geographic Baja North Map

At this point, you can just forget the AAA maps. National Geographic offers the best paper maps of north and south Baja out of tear-resistant & waterproof material. 
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National Geographic Baja South Map

The perfect overview of Baja South all in one paper map.... Tear-resistant & waterproof! 
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National Geographic Digital Maps

National Geographic Maps offers digital maps for any entire state. These digital topo maps are detailed, accurate, and data uploadable to PC and Mac. If you know the reputation of National Geographic, you'll understand just how incredibly valuable these 
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