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Emergency Bivvy

This 3.5 oz. bivvy is the perfect substitute for packing a sleeping bag. When the unforeseeable happens, you are always prepared for a warm night's sleep. Highly recommended.

This 3.5oz. bivvy sack is designed for those occasions you least expect to need a sleeping bag or want to carry one. When you are forced to sleep outside, the emergency bivvy will reflect up to 90% of your body radiated heat! It is made out of a quite, reusable, and repairable polyethylene bright orange material with survival instructions written directly on the bivvy. This product is highly recommended, very inexpensive, small & easy to pack, and ultra light. There is no reason not to pack it on any adventure, especially a Baja adventure.

Size: 36" X 84"

Folded: 3.5" X 2.5"

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Baja Emergency Evacuation Annual Membership Baja Emergency Evacuation Annual Membership