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Two Volumes Uploaded to GPS Purchased

Upload GPS Purchased

An altenative option to purchasing Fugawi Software and the route Cd's, we'll upload the GPS you just purchased from us with either V1 or V2.

You must first have purchased the volume of the guidebook you want for upload

There are three options to getting the routes from the Baja GPS Guidebook to your new GPS:

1. Hand-punch in each waypoint & create the routes in your GPS (this is feasible, but time consuming w/ hundreds of waypoints & entry mistakes cause inaccuracy on the trail). This option is totally feasible - I did an entire trip hand-punching the guidebook routes each night. It worked great, but I'da rather been sippin Negras!


2. Purchase Fugawi Software & the Routes CD (feature packed software well above the generic Garmin or Magellan software). The CD's with each guidebook's routes are loaded quickly, accurately, and simply. $130.99 (Fugawi) + $38.95 (CD) = $168.99 ADVANTAGE: you get Fugawi & a back up CD with all our guidebook routes and you don't have to purchase Fugawi again when you purchase volume 2; just the V2 Routes CD.


3. Purchase the Upload Service for your personal GPS and ship it to us (insured). When we return the GPS (within 5-7 days of receiving), you can download the routes to the Garmin or Magellan software that came with your unit. $175.00 (upload)

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