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Baja GPS Guidebook V2

Baja GPS Guidebook V1

The most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate off-road guidebook of Baja, Mexico - made simple with GPS!

For the most part, this guide will lead you through some really awesome trails avoiding ranch gates (where possible) and keeping you off private property and national parks (where you shouldn't be anyway). There is an environmental section with warnings and the usual "give a hoot, don't pollute" speech that we hope to cultivate no matter where you are riding. We list the best places on the border to take your broken bikes and bodies, but don't look to the guide for pansy-butt four-star luxuries unless you're looking for where to get the coldest Negra Modelo!

This guide was formulated to get you off the main dirt roads and onto the fun stuff like faded two track, dry washes & rivers, single track, no tracks, mountains, beaches, deserts, Baja 1000 courses and Baja 500 routes, YOU NAME IT; by providing Baja GPS routes. Some routes are point-to-point and some are loops that will return you to your starting point. You can plan day trips, weekends, weeks, or months with this GPS guide.
Included in Volume 1:
  • Instruction on Global Positioning System navigation with the guidebook
  • 58 GPS routes from the border to San Ignacio - Northern Baja
  • Written Course Descriptions with mileage and waypoints
  • GPS Routes and Waypoints (for your GPS)
  • Topographical log map - each "leg" is shown in a different color (design new routes every time by linking different legs to new areas). You can design hundreds of different one-way or loop routes.
  • Skill level Ratings from basic to expert (1 to 6+)
  • Warnings and special tips
  • About the starting and ending destinations
  • Information on Baja, politics, and staying out of trouble
  • Gasoline locations
  • Needed equipment
  • Water concerns
  • Environmental Issues & respecting Baja as an off roader
  • Yellow Pages with border hospitals & off-road connections in the USA
  • About upcoming GPS navigation events in Baja
  • And some pretty funny stories and photos (color and black & white)



The Guidebook Tab Names:
  • Border Crossings
  • Bahia de Los Angeles
  • Catavina
  • Gonzaga
  • Highway 1
  • Laguna Hanson
  • Mike's Sky Rancho
  • Mine/Calamajue Junction
  • Ojos Negros
  • Puertecitos
  • Rancho La Ponderosa
  • San Felipe
  • San Francisquito
  • San Ignacio
  • San Matias
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Veronica
  • Santo Tomas
  • Valle de Trinidad
  • Yellow Pages

  • How it comes:
    • 8 1/2 X 11 Size
    • Shrunk wrapped with 3-ring binder holes (buy your own binder)
    • Each tabbed section represents a starting location, which is separated by tabs for easy use
    • 58 Course description charts have waypoint names, mileage, and descriptions and are designed to fit on the handlebars (see 5X7┬áCourse Holders).
    • 238 pages of everything an off-roader would need to know about traveling Baja, learning to use the GPS with the guidebook (also see GPS Cheat Sheets for Garmin or Magellan), photos and stories, and 58 GPS routes that can be inter-connected making up hundreds of different loops and routes.
    Other Products at
    You can purchase all the guidebook routes and waypoints on CD in Fugawi Software format (discounted here). This alleviates punching in many waypoints and constructing the routes yourself (accuracy being the most important benefit). We also offer a 5X7 mapcase, which holds our course description charts perfectly in front of you on the handlebars: this does not get in your way and clips to all types of bars for easy reference.

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