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Baja & Mexico E32 Topo MapFugawi Global Navigator Software

Baja Navigator Map for Garmin GPS's

A Baja map that can be loaded straight to your GPS! Used with Garmin GPS's only, this basic Baja map is easy to use and totally affordable.

Not long ago, uploading maps to your GPS was not an option, but now it's possible to upload Baja Maps directly into your GPS for navigation.  We have used and critiqued these new innovations and found this particular map to be easy to read and easy to set up.

With the Baja GPS Guidebooks, this map ties in beautifully allowing referencing a map for comfort and security while on the fly.  We've always boasted that "you would never need to pull out a paper map again" since our routes navigate you safely and accurately without a map (fact), but many people like referencing a map.  Conveniently, you can now see a non-cluttered Baja map on your Garmin GPS for added referencing while navigating our routes (see the Baja GPS Guidebooks V1 & 2 also). 

Warning:  If you travel any trails on this map that are not in the Baja GPS Guidebook, there can be potential dangers including but not limited to illegal and malicious plantations, hostile private property owners, surprise/blind terrain hazards, and map inaccuracies causing gas range issues.  The Baja GPS Guidebook offers these kinds of important specifics, keeping you in the right places and out of trouble in a 3rd world country.  Most of our GPS Guidebook trails are not included on this map, but other roads can be referenced.  While we personally use and enjoy referencing this map while navigating the GPS Guidebook Routes, we do not recommend scouting unknown properties with this map alone :). Safety first!

Features we like:
Basic Road & Hwy information with some trail mapping

  • Non-cluttered map viewing
  • Affordable!
  • Easy to load and easy to use
  • Pemex (Gas) Station locations
  • Restaurant & Hotel waypoints
  • Other great points of interest in areas all over Baja
  • Comes as a CD, so you have a backup copy at your disposal

Specifications we feel are most important:

  • This map works on any Garmin 'mapping' GPS that can use MapSource to load maps from your computer to your GPS. If your GPS communicateds with Garmin's MapSource Software, you can use this map.  If your GPS communicates only with Basecamp Software, see the E32 Map 
  • The map file size is only 2mb (using less GPS memory)
  • No unlock code is needed so you can use it with all the GPS's you own
  • Upload it via Mapsource software which came with your GPS (no extra expenses)
  • It works equally well on color or monochrome screens
  • No topo lines (also means less clutter) 
  • This map does not contain auto-routing data.  Off-road enthusiasts are typically frustrated with this feature anyway. Auto-routing allows you to request a destination and the GPS will automatically direct you there with specific turn information. Auto-routing is better used for city type navigation.
  • Notice
  • Dto the information processing as well as possible inaccuracies of the raw data used, these maps shall only be used as a reference as they are not designed for precision navigation. They are specifically for land use and shall never be used for sea or water navigation. This map does not auto-route. We do not accept any responsibility for errors or missing information that the maps may have. The use of these maps is under the exclusive and unique responsibility of the user who upon purchasing them accepts he(she) and only he(she) is responsible of any damage that the user could suffer or provoke due to the use of this information. Each user is unique responsible for any damage that this information may produce to their computer and/or GPS. LBMaps does not accept any responsibility whatsoever in case of damage, directly or indirectly, consequentially or collaterally as result of the use, incorrect use or misuse of the maps. Your GPS receiver warranty may be affected as manufacturers may not accept or endorse the use of third party maps. If you are not in agreement with these terms, please do not purchase nor use this information. The action of purchasing any of our maps is understood as the purchaser accepting the above mentioned terms.

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