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Baja Emergency Evacuation Annual Membership



The word: Mexico includes the entire Baja California peninsula

This is an annual membership price and is the only emergency medical team that can get you or your buddy the fastest medical attention, flight-for-life, or other evacuation to the United States (each person must be a member).

BEMCC stands for Binational Emergency Medical Committee (originating in California). This non-profit organization gets you out of Mexico to the United States or to the nearest medical facility to save your life FAST. This is the best safety benefit one could have if an emergency situation occurs in Mexico from any location, even the most remote. As soon as you call (from the nearest location or with your Sat. phone), -Rent or Purchase Sat. Phone- BEMCC immediately assists in obtaining proper medical care while working on your safe return to the United States. There is not a better group of caring people working together to get you the quickest possible emergency rescue and best medical care from Mexico to the United States. This membership is well worth its $45 annual membership dues and the only program that offers remote services for the off-road enthusiast. This membership saves lives!

Benefits of having a BEMCC membership card in your wallet:

  • Your Binational Membership entitles you to 24 hour emergency evacuation service from Mexico via land or air transport
  • Support staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Only $45 a year to possibly save your life
  • Bilingual legal assistance
  • The card is for single person use only; your companions need to purchase the membership card separately.

This makes an awesome gift, require it for your group, or secure yourself with the fastest & most effective medical rescue available for Baja & the rest of Mexcio.  Whether you are taking just one trip or mulitple trips south, you are ensuring the best possible medical help in a 3rd world foreign country that has few options for rescue, medical aid, and land/air transport.  Life is worth having this $45 option, lasting a year from purchase date.

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a form to begin setting up your membership.

About the BEMCC:

Binational Emergency Medical Committee consists of highly educated & trained people from the United States and Mexico. The professionals at BEMCC represent the medical field, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, social workers, consular officials and hospital personnel. They are a well rounded team getting you the quickest attention and transportation available. Understand that this is an incredibly technical process from border to border arranged quickly and legally for your immediate medical attention.

The idea behind this service was to establish a much needed system of international cooperation designed to help victims of car accidents, fires, floods, man-made or natural disasters, and for any remote medical emergency from Baja California to the US.

  • If you have medical insurance, check with your provider to see if you have international coverage and coordinate with the BEMCC and your insurance provider to make sure of coverage for air ambulances.
  • If you do not have insurance, inform BEMCC so they can advise you of insurance possibilities while traveling outside the US. Without insurance coverage, you will be personally charged for costly air ambulance fees.
  • Without insurance, they will need reimbursement for fees related to calls and duties made in your behalf. If the person does not have money to pay for the emergency evacuation, they will look for a volunteer pilot and that takes time. The U.S. Coast Guard (free) will be called only on extreme situations and they aren't always able to respond.
  • No matter your insurance provisions, this service will come for each member's medical emergency.


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