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Expedition Carabiner

Exceptionally light weight with a wide mouth to fit around gas jug handles securing them to your backpack or belt. 25kN strength allows you to use this carabiner for towing tasks as well.

Carabiners can be extremely useful in many off-road applications. Weighing in at a mere 39 grams, the Supreme is one of the lightest full size carabiners in the world. It's shaped with a wide mouth to fit around objects you may want to secure while riding (like gas jugs) and strong enough to aid in towing (clip tow-rope on the 'towing' bike or for combining tow ropes). This is a great tool that always gets used when you have it.

Color: Red w/silver closer

Weight: 39 grams

Strength: 25kN

CE & UIAA Certified