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EOS LED Headlamp

You'd be surprised how many headlamps are misadvertised. After careful research, this EOS was bright and very strong for the buck while using less battery life!

The EOS has a combination of a Maxibright 1 LED and optimized lens/collimator maximizing the beam with great balance.  On my balcony last night, I was able to spotlight a huge brown bear (so cute) atop our trash-bin across the parking lot.  I beamed in on his beige snout (so cute) and glowing green eyes which sent him off to the next trash bin.  The other lights I reviewed, which boasted the same as the EOS, had a more diffused light not nearly as strong, so that you could not truly beam in on the bear.

With this headlight, you get:

  • 3 light settings (high 6.5 hrs, med 12.5 hrs., low 60 hrs.)
  • Flashing light setting
  • Waterproof
  • 27m Illumination
  • 3 AAA's that COME with it
  • 25 lumens (power)
  • And, you can purchase red lenses for racing if needed