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Baja GPS Guidebook V2

Volume 2 offers routes from San Ignacio to Cabo San Lucas AND more routes in the north (awesome single track & alternative routes to V1)

The V2 Guidebook is a supplement to V1 and is an E-book (a book on CD). You'll print the book and add it to Volume 1. You will have preference on paper type, font, size, colors, and there will be a plethora of suggestions that will make this version extremely flexible for your needs. You must have V1 to understand, use, and organize V2 (it adds routes to the guidebook). For information on V1, hover over Products above > About Volume 1.

Volume 2 will include NEW routes in the NORTH from:
Rancho Santa Veronica
Rancho Tecate
Mikes Sky Rancho
San Vicente
San Quintin

Puertecitos to Catavina (over the Mnt. single track)
Catavina to El Rosario (single track on west coast)
El Rosario to Puertecitos (gnarly rocky 2-track to gnarly rocky single track)
*or reverse these routes!

Where V1 stopped at San Ignacio, routes continue south to Cabo leaving:
San Ignacio (awesome RTE you probably don't know- 2-track & single track)
San Juanico
Ciudad Constituction
La Paz
La Ventana
Todos Santos
Cabo San Lucas
*the last three make a loop so you don't have to backtrack!

Between the two guidebooks, the entire Peninsula is covered from tip to tail with many options to construct hundreds of different trips for 'years' of riding. V2 also offers new stories, photos, and information.

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